What is a Water Service Coordinator?

If you are a Sydney based developer or are simply building a new home in the region, here’s what you need to know.

Sydney Water Corporation manage all water supply, pipes and sewers throughout Sydney and require any developer or individual who is building or developing land, to engage a Water Service Coordinator.

What do we do? 

A Water Service Coordinator is a third party company (us) who liaise between you and Sydney Water. As part of our role we do a range of things. To begin with we can:

  • Advise you about Sydney Water policies and requirements
  • Break down and estimate related costs
  • Conduct preliminary sewer and water investigations

The rest of what we do generally falls into three categories: 

  • Assistance with gaining approvals
  • Design Development
  • Coordination of Construction. 

Assistance with gaining approvals

Before you can start any kind of build you need the right approvals from Sydney Water. We will work with you to collate and submit applications on your behalf for the following:

  • Building Plan Approval
  • Section 73 Compliance Certificate
  • Building Over / Adjacent to Sewer
  • Pressure Sewerage Service Reticulation Extension
  • Minor Service Extension

And can assist with:

  • Review of Environmental Factors and Environmental Management Plans
  • Work Health and Safety Management Plans and Incident Management Plans

Design Development

Next is the design process. As part of this service we will create and submit design works including:

  • Design of dual water, sewer reticulation and sewer rising main systems
  • Hydra prints (sewer and water reticulation diagrams)
  • Trunk designs

Coordination of Construction

Then when it is time to start digging, we are on hand during and after to:

  • Arrange and evaluate construction tenders
  • Submit the Developer Works Deed
  • Undertake regular compliance inspections
  • Work with the constructor to book connection approvals and supervise and inspect the works carried out
  • Submit final documentation and test results, including Transfer of Ownership and Work as Constructed paperwork

Who is Qalchek Pty Ltd?

Established over 25 years ago, Qalchek is one of Sydney’s leading agencies in water and sewer services.

Guided by Managing Director, David Loizou, the benefit of working with Qalchek Pty Ltd is that we have a trusted and extensive relationship with Sydney Water.

“We know the industry and what Sydney Water require.” Mr Loizou explains. 

“Having said that we work hard to help our customers get what they need by breaking down any technical speak and paperwork along the way.”

If you live outside of Sydney you will need to acquire a third party for this service.  Qalchek are accredited by Hunter Water for the Hunter Region in Northern NSW.  You can work directly with your local Council or have Qalchek assist you with specific Council requirements.