Water servicing coordinators manage:
• applications to Sydney Water for Section 73 Compliance Certificates
• applications to move Sydney Water pipes
• applications and approvals to build over or next to Sydney Water assets
• the design and construction of new pipes

Your building plans need to be checked to make sure your building work won’t damage any of Sydney Waters’ water or wastewater pipes or structures located on your property.

You can do this through Sydney Water online service Sydney Water Tap in™.

In most cases, Sydney Water will approve your application automatically. However, if you plan to build over or close to a Sydney Water pipe, your plans will be referred to a Water Servicing Coordinator. They’ll identify what you need to do to protect any Sydney Water Pipes.

Sydney Water Tap in™ provides 24/7 online access to the services you need.
You can apply for:
• building plan approvals
• diagrams (Sewer Service Diagrams and Service Location Prints)
• drinking water, wastewater and recycled water connection approvals
• pressure information statements
• approval to raise or lower Sydney Water sewer assets
• water meter installations
• approval to boost water pressure, or pump to sewer
• approval to upsize or downsize your water service
• approval to disconnect from our services
• approval to discharge trade waste

A Section 73 Compliance Certificate confirms you’ve satisfied Sydney Water requirements to adequately service your new subdivision or development with water, wastewater and stormwater services.

You need this certificate when you subdivide or develop land.

Before you get a certificate, you might need to:
• install some extra connections or pipes
• pay developer fees
• take steps to protect Sydney Water existing assets, such as encasing pipes in concrete or relocating our sewer pipes on your property

Depending on the location, size and complexity of your development, you can use either a Water Servicing Coordinator to act on your behalf, or you can apply through Sydney Water Developer Direct™.

Design – Major Works

We generally require a DWG version of the existing survey for the site, proposed civil works in DWG and PDF, 3D surface levels for proposed and existing levels, DWG copy of the proposed subdivision plans & if possible any designs for other services being laid. If the proposed works are outside of your lot then we may also require an environmental impact assessment, geotechnical report and detailed survey with non-invasive services location to be undertaken.  

DWG (drawing file) is a format used for storing 2 & 3 dimensional design data created with many CAD packages. We use this file to create your designs.

This would be dependent on your project. If you are constructing Sydney Water assets that will benefit other developers land then you may be eligible for Sydney Water funding. Qalchek can investigate this for you when we lodge your application with Sydney Water.

If you are eligible for a portion of the works to be reimbursed, you will receive the refund at the end of the project. The refundable amount will be determined based on construction costs, share of works that will benefit alternate developers and the Tender Evaluation Plan created by Qalchek and subject to Sydney Water approval.

Bonding of Works

In some cases you can bond for early release of certificate.  Sydney Water have strict guidelines as to when this will be allowed.

This is the final step and the bond will not be returned until after all invoices have been paid and cleared.

Building Over / Adjacent to Sewer

This will be dependent on the outcome of the assessment. Once you provide us with your proposed site and floor plans we will provide you with a quotation for the works within 5 business days and may request additional information required.

We will need you to email in a PDF copy of the referral letter you received from the Sydney Water Tap In™ Portal and the site and floor plans for your project. It would be helpful if you had structural plans also however not essential for the initial assessment.

If the Works-As-Constructed design for the sewer main is over 3 years old then a Service Protection Report (SPR) will be required. This can be arranged by a Sydney Water accredited provider. The report will provide the accurate depth and location of the sewer main so that we can complete the assessment of your building plans. Qalchek can arrange a quotation for this service as we are an accredited Sydney Water SPR provider.

A Water Service Coordinator (WSC) has certain limitations on what they can approve without Sydney Water Approval. If it is not within the scope of works of a WSC we will need to compile all required files and lodge the application with Sydney Water for approval. Once we have obtained all relevant information Sydney Water then need to provide comments or an approval. In most cases a detailed engineering report will be required to advise Sydney Water how their critical assets will be protected during construction.

How close can I build to the Sydney Water Sewer?

Drilled piers need to be a minimum of 900mm from the outer face of the pier to the outside edge of the sewer

Qalchek will undertake inspections when building within the zone of influence of the sewer. The inspection type and amount will be determined during the initial assessment and a quotation will be provided.

If you do not meet minimum clearances then the sewer may need to be concrete encased.