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In Sydney you need to work with a Water Service Coordinator for any major or minor Sydney Water works.

Outside of Sydney you can work directly with local council through their development application process but may still require our services if Sydney Water approvals are required.

In the Hunter Region, Hunter Water is the authority. You can work with them directly or go through us.

As the Water Service Coordinator we will liaise with the authority on your behalf. As part of this service we:

  • Advise developers and individuals about policies and requirements
  • Conduct preliminary sewer and water investigation services, e.g. feasibility studies
  • Estimate development servicing plan costs
  • Prepare a Review of Environmental Factors, Environmental Management Plans, a Safe Work Plan and Incident Management Plans
  • Collate and submit relevant documentation to Sydney Water on your behalf, including Section 73 applications, sewer and water designs and final project management documentation

Therefore Qalchek offers three main services:

  • Approval Assistance (Sydney only)
  • Development of Design Works
  • Coordination of Construction (Sydney only)

Approval Assistance

Obtaining the right approvals is the first step in the land development/water servicing process. Qalchek proudly assists with around 3,000 various approvals each year. Before any construction can take place you must have a Sydney Water Building Plan Approval and/or design approval.

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Development of Design Works

Qalchek creates design works for major and minor projects throughout NSW. During the design process, clients have direct access to our highly experienced and qualified design team.

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Coordination of Construction

Our Administration and field teams are the best in the business, and can help you with various administration tasks.

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