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When you think of the words, “land development” and “water and sewer services”, Qalchek should come to mind.

Qalchek is a leading water and sewer service agency in NSW.  Qalchek Pty Ltd works with Developers both big and small who are developing their land. 

As part of our service we will work with you to:

  • Submit and gain approvals
  • Develop design works
  • Coordinate construction

As an accredited Water Service Coordinator, Qalchek can liaise between you and Sydney Water or Hunter Water.

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Compliance Certificates

Required in Sydney only, a Section 73 application needs to be lodged to determine if a proposed development meets Sydney Waters’ servicing requirements. In layman’s terms, Sydney Water needs confirmation that the land being developed has access to, or can get access to, its sewer, drinking and recycled water and stormwater services.  If Sydney Water determines that adequate services are not provided, they will request that works be undertaken to update the servicing.

A Section 73 Compliance Certificate is required for residential, industrial and commercial developments if you have obtained a Council Development Consent or Complying Development Consent (CDC) for the following:

  • Boundary adjustments
  • Strata Title
  • Dual occupancy
  • Community Title
  • Torrens Title subdivisions

The time it takes to obtain a Section 73 Compliance Certificate can vary so it is always best to contact Qalchek early in the development process.

Qalchek’s experienced team strives to guide each of their clients through the process, offering insight when it comes to the best way to achieve certification

Build Over or Adjacent to Sewer

(BOS or BAS) Approvals

If you want to build directly over or right next to a Sydney Water service, additional approvals are required to ensure that the asset will not be damaged, relocated or replaced without Sydney Waters’ consent. Even if works are temporary, Sydney Water must be notified.

Sydney Water will consider applications where a developer wants to build over a reticulation sewer with diameters of 300 mm or smaller. Building over larger sewers, water mains and pressure sewer pipes is not preferred, but is possible in some instances with the right guidance and approvals.

Other Applications and Approvals

In addition to Building Plan Approvals and Section 73 Compliance Certificates, Qalchek can assist with the following:

  • Building Over / Adjacent to Sewer applications
  • Hydra prints (Sydney Water Sewer and Water reticulation diagrams)
  • Pressure Sewerage Service Reticulation Extension
  • Service Extension applications
  • Service Adjustment applications
  • Trunk catchment designs
  • Strategic planning and development servicing strategies
  • Sewer pump station design and delivery
  • Booster pump design and delivery

On The Blog

As leaders in the water services industry we help educate and empower our clients by sharing our knowledge, expertise and decades of experience in an attempt to make your life a little easier. If there is a topic you’re interested in that has not been written about, please email us and we will endeavour to get a blog written for you as quickly as we can.