How to get Sewer and Water Services to your New Building

One of the biggest steps in building on land, whether you are a developer or not, is the process of filling out applications and gaining approvals.

When it comes to considering nearby Sydney Water assets there are a few applications for that too.

Building Plan Approvals

The first application you need to lodge is for Building Plan Approval.

When it comes to all things water in our region, Sydney Water Corporation, as the authority, needs to know that you have thought about what is required to be done to keep their assets protected.

If you want to build directly over or right next to a Sydney Water service, further applications and approvals may be required, even if the works are temporary.

Section 73 Compliance Certificates

An application for a Section 73 Compliance Certificate needs to be lodged to determine if a proposed development meets Sydney Water servicing requirements.  Meaning, they need to know that the land does or can have access to, sewer, drinking water, recycled water and stormwater services.

If Sydney Water advise adequate services do not exist, they will request that the services are extended or adjusted.

A Section 73 Compliance Certificate is required for residential, industrial and commercial developments and is required even if you have obtained a Council Development Consent.

The time it takes to obtain this certificate can vary.  The sooner you contact a Water Service Coordinator the better.

Other Applications

If you need to install pressure sewerage, then one of the below would be required:

  • Pressure Sewerage Service Reticulation Extension application
  • Minor Service Extension application

Other types of applications you may require are:

  • Statement of Available Pressure and Flow
  • Raise or Lower a Manhole
  • Water Main Fitting Adjustment
  • Connect to Water or Sewer
  • Asset adjustment

You will also need to gain approval on:

  • Design works 
  • Constructor Works Deed
  • Work as Constructed information

How do I apply for all of these applications?

Contact Qalchek Pty Ltd. As one of Sydney’s leading agencies in water and sewer services we liaise between you and Sydney Water, compiling and submitting ALL relevant applications. 

We will work with you to gather the correct information and ensure that you understand Sydney Waters’ requirements.

Qalchek proudly assists with approximately 3,000 approvals each year. To find out more about us visit, email us at or call us on 02 4722 8181 to speak to one of our experienced team members.